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Warehousing and Logistic Services

We offer our logistics bases in Barcelona and Tarragona to offer you the best solution to your needs.

Occasionally, your business may need temporary storage. We can offer you the temporary rental of cisterns or tank containers on the ground or chassis. This will allow you to make a storage for the necessary time in your own facilities.

The rental of tanks and containers gives you a temporary option of low cost storage without the need to make investments in fixed infrastructures. Often, many companies only need storage at certain times of the year or even just for a few days in order to perform maintenance on warehouses, maintenance of transformers, or other industrial facilities.

We offer you the positioning of the cisterns or containers in your premises, the rent, and the removal of the equipment at the end of the rental period. Optionally we can also offer the rental of centrifugal transfer pumps for the filling / emptying of their deposits.

We can offer you both tanks for hazardous (ADR) and non-hazardous (non-ADR) chemicals, as well as dedicated units to food products.

In our facilities we have all kinds of auxiliary elements for the inspection and maintenance of your equipment, for loading and unloading, etc. In addition, the strategic location of our bases, close to the most common loading areas, allows us to offer all kinds of necessary services (heating, washing, etc.).

Details of our depots


Abrera (CP 08630)


Constantí (CP 43120)