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Chemical Road Transport in Tanks – ADR

We have a large fleet of stainless steel tanks to cover an important range of transportable chemicals. The usual characteristics of our chemical tanks are:

Single compartment tanks: ADR, made of AISI 316 stainless steel. All units are heat-insulated, having steam heater coil, thermometer, pressure system and gas recovery. Its average payload is 24 tm. A single compartment and capacities between 30 and 37,000 lts.

Multi-compartment tanks (4 compartments): AISI 316 stainless steel ADR of 35,000 lts. divided into 4 compartments, 10, 5, 10 and 10 thousand lts. respectively. All units are heat-insulated, having a steam heater coil, thermometer, pressure and gas recovery system. Its payload is 24 tm.

Two-axle truck: With a tank of 14,000 liters, divided into 3 compartments, for a payload of 10 tm.

All of our new units are equipped with the latest security systems: Tail Guard (anti-reverse antiskid system), Discharge from ground (bottom valve opening and air inlet from the ground, being able to unload tank).

We also have other types of units for specific products.

Fleet details


75 Tractor Units


90 Tanks for transporting bulk chemical products


2 Trucks for short distance distribution of chemical products